France XIX data

Population, mariages and births data 1806-1888

Digitalization of data from Emilie Levasseur (1889).

Urbanization data 1801-1869

Digitalization of data provided by Adna Weber on the population growth of french chef-lieux, capital and cities of more than 20k and 100k inhabitants (choosen from 1801 census record’s).

Interest, profit an social stress data 1825-1929

Digitalization of data on profit, interest and social stress summarized by Maurice Lévy-Leboyer in « L’héritage de Simiand : prix, profit et termes d’échange au XIX e siècle« . Interests and profits are estimate from dividends index and social stress from the number of arrests and strikers.

Prices data 1810-1910

Digitalization of price index on agriculture, Industry, importations and exportations given by Maurice Lévy-Leboyer and based on the work of François Simiand.

Wages data 1789-1921